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Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in General News

Bill C-51 will make Canadians less, not more, secure

March 10, 2015

For immediate release

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace joins many Canadians who do not approve of nor consent to the provisions in Bill C-51.  The current government is trying to sell Bill C-51 as an anti-terrorism bill, stirring up fear to garner support.  Since our laws already provide sufficient powers to protect us against terrorism, it appears obvious that the actual target of this bill is not terrorists, but instead those who would peacefully express their opposition to government policies.


The government is playing a game of “bait and switch”.  It is baiting us by stirring up fears of terrorism, and then once we’re hooked, it is switching to getting us to consent to taking away our rights to political dissent.


Bill C-51 gives new powers to CSIS to take “measures” against anyone whose actions are perceived to threaten Canada’s “economic stability” or “critical infrastructure”.  This is a far cry from a common-sense definition of terrorism as actions which invoke terror by threatening people with physical harm.  These new powers for CSIS create, in effect, a secret police force, which has no Parliamentary oversight.  Dictatorships have secret police.  Is this what we want for the Canada we know and love?


Stephen Harper says that terrorists hate our values and freedom.  With Bill C-51, it appears that Stephen Harper hates our values and freedom.


Human rights and freedoms are a gift to us from those who originated, advocated for and struggled for them.  We dishonour those people by allowing our rights and freedoms to be taken away from us.


In Bill C-51 the definition of terrorism is so broad, that it seems it can be used to disrupt the legitimate expression of free speech and political dissent.  The secrecy of the new powers given to CSIS is frightening.


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace believes that Bill C-51 will make Canadians less, not more, secure.