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Automatic Bank Withdrawals Authorization

Mail VOW an authorization for monthly automatic bank/credit union withdrawals

If you are a new member, please fill out the Membership Form.

Questions? Instructions to us?
Email info@vowpeace or telephone 416-716-4010

Print this Authorization Statement by printing this Monthly automatic bank withdrawal authorization form (or, neatly write it out).
Fill it out, sign it, include a VOID Check, and mail it to Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Thanks!
*Signed bank withdrawal statement*
“I authorize a monthly deduction of $_______  from my bank or credit unionaccount number ____________________ 

to be withdrawn on the (please check) 1st ___ or 15th ___ of each month

for deposit to Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.”


Signature: ___________________________________________________


Name: ____________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________


City: ___________________________________, Province: _____


Postal Code: _____________


Phone number: ________________________




This is for my __ New VOW membership; __Renewal of VOW membership; __non member donation


2) INCLUDE a VOIDED Cheque from the above-indicated account


3) Mail signed bank withdrawal statement and voided cheque to:


Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
125 – 579 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON
M4L 1V6