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Posted by on Jan 9, 2004 in Blogs

Another World Is Possible

threatened by 30,000 of them – enough to unleash 300,000 Hiroshimas.  Another physician presented the Olympic authorities with a well-developed Swedish peace-education program, Life-Link Friendship Schools.

In March, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW,) co-founded by the late Helen Tucker of Mississauga, will launch a global call at the UN for the delegitimization of war. It is time that the particular right of the state to make war be further curtailed.  “The institution of war, which is supported by taxes and protected by laws, must be put on the same shelf of history with slavery,colonialism and apartheid”,  the President of the International Peace Bureau, Cora Weiss, reiterated.

IPB, with 13 Nobel laureates in its ranks over its 111 years, with a membership of 20 international federations, 215 national and local members organizations and 2 IPB affiliate offices in Barcelona and Lugo, Italy is in the midst of planning a whopper of a “Dialogue” for people who want a world without violence. In late June 2004, in Barcelona, Spain, Forum Barcelona 2004, the Peace Foundation and the International Peace Bureau will offer a platform for contributions to new ways of thinking about conditions for peace. This will be part of an even more extraordinary 5 month cascade of countless activities throughout the city to explore two more  themes connected to peace – sustainable development and cultural diversity. (See )

This world has more than one superpower. Civil society is another!  These initiatives and many others are fostering a serious force for non-violence. Many know and act with care and commitment for neither nation, continent  nor creed but simply as interdependent members of humanity.  Let’s demand now that our new federal government  build the appropriate institutions that  will promote and maintain peace for at present no such infrastructure exists to convert even the most promising results of peace research into feasible action. The final surrender of the outmoded, possibly omnicidal practice of war will be immensely healthier for humans and all living things.



Janis Alton co-chairs Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and is a newly elected North American Representative to IPB.