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Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Angela Bischoff – Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW!

Angela Bischoff spoke on behalf of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance at our conference on Sunday November 9, Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW!

Bischoff is the Outreach Director of the Clean Air Alliance, a cofounder of the Greenspiration! movement, and won NOW Magazine’s Best Activist Award. She shared “The Ten Commandments for Changing the World”, and discussed that it is not enough to oppose, we must propose. Bischoff stated that we are the second most nuclearized country on the planet, and Ontario Clean Air Alliance is fighting against the rebuilding of ten very old nuclear reactors. They urge Kathleen Wynne to opt for the purchasing of excess water power from Quebec. Bischoff wishes for Quebec’s water power to replace Darlington!

To find more information click the following links:

Ontario Clean Air Alliance


Thank you Angela Bischoff for attending our conference.