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Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in Blogs

Alternative job creation in Halifax

Janet Maybee lives in Nova Scotia and shares her personal opinion regarding the money being spent on building warships.
Alternative job creation in Halifax is exactly what this campaign is all about: jobs in green energy, affordable housing, fast ferries across the harbour, light rail to ease the traffic problems, any number of ways the skills of our workers could be put to much better use. It’s almost guaranteed there will be no contract signed until just before the next federal election anyway so Harper can drop by for another Announcement…and if/when this goes ahead it’s certain a great deal of the billions will be spent NOT in Nova Scotia. Come down and talk to some of the workers who are pretty concerned about their future. As for support? I was there today and there were many honks and waves in favour. The only negative comment came from a taxi driver who informed us that the economy of Halifax depends on the navy. Then shouldn’t he be concerned about lack of supply ships and helicopters, as well as the recent cuts to the Coast Guard? (He drove away too fast for further debate!) All the military personnel who passed by were friendly, and seemed to like Tamara’s sign “Make love/art/music a creative economy”.

I urge everybody to read the conversation she had with the union president…they get it.

Big mistake for the Dexter government to place all economic development eggs in the very leaky shipbuilding basket. Clearly there will be no jobs there before the next provincial election has to be called.

That’s my cheerful rant for the day. Love to all!