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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in General News


70 days before the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014…

Spirit of optimism and enthusiasm marked the international preparatory meeting of the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014, held in the City of Sarajevo on March 22/23.

More than 70 people from international, regional and local organizations and initiatives participated in the last preparatory meeting prior to the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 from June 6-9. Among them were representatives of almost all former republics of Yugoslavia.

The international and national coordinating committee presented detailed plans for the opening and closing ceremonies (two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates will participate), concepts with plenty of confirmed speakers for 5 round tables, more than 100 registered workshops, and detailed plans for a Youth Peace Camp and manifold cultural activities. In the first 10 days of the registration process more than 200 participants signed in to come to Sarajevo.

In sum, the state of preparations provides lots of reasons for optimism.

Plenty of information can be found on the website Some more detailed information will be published in a second international newspaper (in English and local languages BCS).

We will make it – this was the basic spirit of the two days of intensive planning and exchange. Many ideas and even more concrete personal commitments of the participants were brought forward.

“We will bring 5 colleagues and friends, we will advertise for the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 in our town and networks, we will publish an article or information on the Peace Event in our national, regional or local newspaper, we will “like” the facebook page and will share it with friends and networks, or we will inform our partner organizations and structures” – the help for further mobilization and the manifold support to do anything in one’s power to make the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 to a huge event of peace were impressive and challenging to everybody attending the meeting.

The Peace Event Sarajevo 2014 can turn to a great international meeting of peace activists and advocates in 2014. This commitment is more than necessary given the latest developments in Syria and Ukraine/Crimea. Armament and want or war and unimaginable sorrow remain two sides of the same coin. Peace, civil conflict resolution, disarmament and conflict prevention are today’s challenges.

Our peaceful alternatives are summarized in UNESCO’s declaration on the “Culture of Peace”. Our vision remains closely connected to those of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Berta von Suttner, Albert Einstein and many more: a world without war and violence – this is the goal. It will only become reality through our actions and the commitment of many people.

A culture of peace, non-violence and of social justice is the universal aim – also in Sarajevo in June.

But still many things need to be done: on the local level – a huge mountain of logistical challenges, for everybody the challenge to popularize the peace event in small and big media, in smaller and broader circles.

There is almost nothing more important currently to do, but to register NOW and to show that 100 years after the beginning of World War I a huge event of peace will take place in Sarajevo on Pentecost 2014.

The appeal is still valid: Peace can only be achieved by the actions of people, by our own commitment and dedication. Therefore we would like to ask: think about coming and participating in the Peace Event Sarajevo 2014. An impressive program is being put together and more importantly there is lots of space for international dialogue, exchange and access to information. Sarajevo also symbolically stands for the discussion on the most devastating war in Europe after 1945. Which lessons do we have to draw for today and how can people live together in a peaceful way building up a better future?

Sarajevo will be the big meeting point of peace activists and we hope for you to say: Count me in!

We hope to have convinced you to come and are looking forward to meeting you in Sarajevo. It would be great if you would register today at

Reiner Braun
IPB Co-President

International Peace Bureau,
 41 rue de Zurich, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland. Tel: +41-22-731-6429, Fax: 738-9419  Email:  Web: