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Posted by on Dec 28, 2017 in General News

Betty Peterson celebrates 100th Birthday

Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace helped to organize and came together to share a celebration of the 100th birthday of Betty Peterson, our long-time mentor and inspiration.

It is our turn now to continue the work that Betty is passing on to us.  She always said “keep on keeping on”.  She was always willing to put herself on the line for peace, social justice, and the rights of First Nations peoples.

Betty is undoubtedly an inspiration to us all.  Happy 100th, Betty.

The Coast news outlet published this great article about Betty.

“This is a tribute—a warm birthday greeting—to a remarkable woman. Halifax activist Betty Peterson, a social justice crusader who’s been a veteran of countless protests, rallies, vigils, anti-war demonstrations and human-rights campaigns, will soon turn 100 years old.”  Read the full story by clicking here.




Betty Peterson with Innu Elizabeth Penashue and one other in Labrador protesting NATO low-level flights









Betty Peterson protesting nuclear weapons

Betty Peterson at the People’s Summit in Halifax parallel event to the G-7

Betty Peterson with Gas Mask sign

Betty Peterson at Peace Centre 1991.

Betty Peterson (in the red coat) protesting NATO low-level flights in Labrador











Betty Peterson’s birthday invitation. The illustrator is Marie Koehler a Halifax cartoonist/artist.

Betty’s 100th birthday banner.

100th birthday cake

Raging Grannies at Betty’s birthday celebration.

Betty’s birthday song “God Bless the Grass” by Malvina Reynolds.

Betty, her cake and her friends and family