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Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in General News


Leap Year 2016.
Call to Action. 

Small steps are no longer enough. 2016 is our time to leap.


2016 is a Leap Year, when we add a day to our calendars to bring them into sync with the earth’s revolution around the sun. Because it’s easier to change our human systems than to change the laws of nature.


To mark the Leap Year, people are gathering to mobilize towards new economic and energy systems. Community discussions.  Film screenings.  Actions.  Teach-ins.  From Leap Day onwards, events are happening around the world to leap to a post-carbon future, pursuing economic and social justice for all.


JOIN or HOST a Leap Event


To celebrate the Leap Year, we are inviting you to host events, actions or discussions across the country in late February and beyond. Let’s make 2016 the year we take the leap from fossil fuels into economic and energy systems based on justice, environmental sustainability, and respect for life.

1. Go to to find an event near you or learn how to host one yourself



Questions? Reply to this email or check out our Leap Year Event Planning and Resource Guide .


Let’s get ready to Leap!


– The Leap Manifesto Organizing Team